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 At year end of 2016 the Container shipping industry closed the year with  an operating profit of around $1.5 Billion driven by higher freight  rates and rapidly growing cargo demand. This was up graded in that  forecast for 2017 to $5 Billion as a result of the uptick in pricing and  demand through the first half of this year industry reports from the  vast majority of the growth is coming from the major east-west trades  where volumes are up sharply. 


Logistic Management with regard to West Coast Shipping, sites


“Among the issues contributing to congestion is the  new generation of mega vessels calling on Pacific Rim ports. These are  the ships that are simply too massive to transit the newly expanded  Panama Canal—which at first glance seems to be a good thing. But there’s  some question as to whether the ports have the necessary analytics and  infrastructure to accommodate such enormous inbound discharge.

  • Dealing with port congestion and supply chain inefficiencies have  been priorities of the Commission for the past several years. Earlier  this year, the FMC launched the “Supply Chain Innovation Initiative”  which is working to develop process innovations that will improve the  reliability, resilience and competitiveness of the nation’s global  supply chain.
  • The United States produces an abundance of high quality goods and  commodities that are desired by companies and consumers around the  world,” said Cordero. “It should be a common goal of both public and  private entities that American exporters find a clear path to overseas  markets and not a road riddled with hurdles. This is a goal that is  consistent with the President’s National Export Initiative.”